SCJ Professors awarded grant for research in intercultural nonverbal communication


SCJ Professors, Nurhayat Bilge and Maria Ines Marino, were awarded a 2016-2017 CARTA Seed Grant for their research titled: Working Towards Reducing Clinical Errors by Improving Intercultural Competence in Health Care Practitioner- Patient Interactions. This project aims to increase the level of intercultural nonverbal communication competence in practitioner-patient interactions in health care practices. In effect, it will help reduce clinical errors caused or heightened by cultural differences.

The idea generated from class observations and conversations with practitioners and future practitioners on the need for cultural competence when dealing with non-verbal communication at health care practices. Thus, the researchers of the project will investigate the described needs and existing behaviors among the FIU School of Nursing and College of Medicine student body. The study will identify and analyze the areas in need of improvement while evaluating practical solutions and successful practices in health care practitioner-patient interactions. It will provide specific recommendations in the area of online training education. Ultimately, the researchers will apprise facilitators of barriers in advancement of intercultural nonverbal communication competence towards reducing clinical errors for FIU healthcare students.

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