Public Relations Major Interns with BBC Worldwide


Name: Vanessa Michelle Sanchez

Major: Public Relations

What did you do there? Trade Marketing Intern

How did you get your internship?
I found the internship through the SHIP, which is the School of Communication + Journalism’s internship opportunity newsletter. After getting my cover letter and resume reviewed by our Senior Coordinator of Academic Support Services, Gabby Portela, I applied with a writing sample in Spanish and got an interview.

What projects did you work on?
During my internship at BBC Worldwide I was able to participate in various projects that differed from each other and gave me a great range of experience. One of the projects I worked on was a Social Media plan of the promotional content we published onto a B2B magazine’s social media platforms. This project was a great learning experience for me because I had to make sure I was strategic with our posts. I also had the opportunity to help with the charitable projects in which we donated backpacks, folders, pens and more to children in need. Lastly, I assisted the Marketing team with the preparation for external events meant to promote their children’s channel, CBeebies.

What was the coolest thing that happened during your internship?
One of the coolest moments from my internship was watching an early screening of Doctor Foster: Season 2 and Blue Planet II.

What did you like most about your experience?
I liked working with my team the most. I had an incredible group of people teaching me and they were all open to any questions I had. I felt a part of the team instantly and was included in all the projects/meetings.

What did you learn about yourself?
I learned that I enjoy working in the entertainment industry and that teamwork is key. At BBC Worldwide, I found that not only was there strong teamwork in their department but also with other departments. It was also nice to see that a victory for one team was a victory for all and widely celebrated.

How did the position increase your professional confidence?
Not only did I learn, but my team was really supportive and made me feel confident in my work. They encouraged me and assured me I was on the right path.

How did you expand your professional network?
I’m very thankful that at BBC they have an open office environment. Everyone sits together and there isn’t a separation by hierarchy. You could have a fellow intern on your right and two seats to your left was an executive. Fortunately, I was able to meet everyone and learn a little about each department’s role.

How did it help you prove yourself in the “real-world?”
I worked on projects that were important to the team and made a difference. By the time I finished my internship, I felt like my contribution to the projects I worked on were substantial and I was never limited to simple tasks.

What advice do you have for those beginning the internship process?
Use every experience as a learning experience. I think it’s important to have a positive attitude all throughout because there may be internships in which you aren’t as excited about some tasks or you realize that you don’t want to pursue that career. In the end, it’s all a learning experience to prepare you for the job you want and knowing what you like and don’t like is essential.

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