Panther Alumni Week Welcomes Olivia Alvarez and Bobby Behar


Throughout this past week, FIU alumni returned to campus to speak to current students. Panther Alumni Week (PAW) was designed to give alumni an opportunity to interact with — and inspire — today’s students. Students were given the opportunity to ask questions to alumni and learn from their experiences. This year, Communication Arts speakers included Olivia Alvarez ’12 and Bobby Behar ’14.

“I am very excited for this fabulous transition. Given that I have been involved in the cigar industry for almost a decade with my family, it is incredibly thrilling to take part in it doing what I love,” said Olivia Alvarez, one of the department’s earliest graduates who has recently been named Director of Marketing and Communications at J Fuego Cigars.

Alvarez graduated from Florida International University with a Bachelor’s in Communication Arts and a minor in Global Media Communications. Prior to graduating, she was an Editorial/Marketing Coordinator for Selecta Magazine and later became Managing Editor for CasaLife Magazine, Selecta’s sister publication.

Also returning for PAW was Robert Behar, currently an FIU law student, who was excited to return to reunite with the faculty that inspired him to do better. He spoke to students about the power of communication and explained how his degree has prepared him for law school by developing skills such as conflict management, understanding the dynamic of a study group, and learning to network with other professionals. In addition, courses like conflict management, persuasion, and ethics have exposed him to ideas and information that have helped him grasp the material in law school.

PAW takes place each spring semester. To sign up for more information about next year’s program email

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