New Exhibition by Communication Arts Student to Open


Pebbles, Symbols, Ideograms: The Dawn Of Communication will open on March 4, 2016 at 5:30pm in the Graham Center at FIU. Inspired by his time as a student in the Art and Performance Track, Communication Arts student Raffaele Ammavuta’s solo art show in the Graham Center Student Gallery explores the theme of communication’s origin. The exhibit focuses on the parallels of communication and art and explores the concept of the origin of communication.

“I choose Communication Arts because it is the major that best represents who I am at this point in my life, and that embraces all my past and current experiences which I think already fit into the communication field: graphic design and photography, painting, art direction, curatorial work, and the teaching of languages,” said Ammavuta. “It’s both strengthening my past and opening new doors and new opportunities for the future.”

Based off the notion that both art and communication begin with a process of conveying a message or idea, it begins as an expression of a thought, an idea or feeling. This seed is then transmitted into a creation aimed to find a connection with the viewer by sharing the artist’s perception, emotion and experience. Motivated by how primitive communication transmitted thoughts and ideas, Ammavuta drew inspiration from concepts such as, how a graphic sign evolved from the pictograms drawn on pebbles.

“I had this idea of developing this body of work for a while, but I was able to finalize it perhaps thanks to the fact I am inspired and enriched everyday by this new environment, FIU, and specifically the classes I have taken so far for my Communication major,” he explains. The classes he has taken in the Communication Arts program, have proven to be a source of inspiration for his work.

Ammavuta has been producing artwork since the mid 1980’s in Florence, Italy. After graduation, he wants to continue to work in cultural institutions spreading communication regarding art and culture in the area.


Image: Fronte

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