Minor in Communication Studies



Not only are verbal and written communication top skills that employers look for in potential employees, effective communicators experience the highest level of success in any career path.

Our minor in Communication Studies enables students to enhance their abilities with strong interpersonal skills, a sturdy knack for teamwork, and a robust understanding of the impact of cultural differences in communication.

The Communication Studies minor provides students with the tools to understand the ways in which people communicate both in interpersonal relationships and in public discourse. Through theory and application, the minor also provides settings in which to study the ways that discourse relates to cultural, gender, and rhetorical issues.

The minor consists of 15 credits, and at least 12 of those must be completed at Florida International University. A grade of C or higher is required in all courses counted toward the minor.

Required courses for minor (15 credits):

  • SPC 3540 Persuasion
  • SPC 3210 Communication Theory
  • SPC 3301 Interpersonal Communication
  • SPC 3711 Gender Communication
  • COM 3461 Intercultural Communication
Admission Requirements for the minor:
  • Minimum GPA 2.0
  • Admittance to the university


The College of Architecture + The Arts Academic Advisors are available to provide students with guidance as they work towards attaining their degrees.  Appointments can be scheduled by contacting the CARTA Advising office at 305-348-2765 or stopping by PCA 272.

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