Kathleen Watson Scholarship Fund Receiving Applications



Attention all Communication Arts students! Applications to the Kathleen Watson Memorial Scholarship are now open for all eligible Communication Arts Majors.

This is a  $500 scholarship that will be awarded to two deserving Communication Arts majors each semester who have received a minimum grade of a B in COM 3110, Business and Professional Communication, and who demonstrate community involvement.

The Chair of the Communication Arts Department  and the family of Professor Watson will choose the winners of the scholarship.

These are the application requirements:

1. Completed application form.

2. Application Cover Letter, addressed to the Chair of the Communication Arts Department. The letter should contain a brief explanation of the applicant’s career goals and biographical information.

3. One letter of recommendation from employers, faculty, or individuals with significant knowledge of the applicant’s experience and involvement in community service.

4. Current resume.

5. Personal Essay. In the essay, please answer the questions posed on the form. Limit answers to 300 words.

The deadline to apply for this scholarship is April 2, 2013. Please email the completed application and supplemental materials to commarts@fiu.edu. Incomplete applications will not be considered.

The candidates will be notified by email by April 8th, 2013 about the status of their submission. If you have any questions about the application, please call Shawnda Mair, secretary of the Communication Arts Department at 305-348-1984.

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