INSPICIO Magazine Video Interview with President Rosenberg


Inspicio e-Magazine, sponsored by CARTA FIU, focuses on “commentary in the form of reviews, constructive criticism, video interviews, and profiles” of all art disciplines.

The sixth edition of Inspicio introduces a new Arts Leadership section featuring an in-depth video interview with Dr. Mark B. Rosenberg, the 5th President of FIU — plus video interviews with Craig Robins, the visionary developer of The Design District; and Alberto Carvalho, the Superintendent of Miami-Dade County Public Schools, who says, “Education without arts education is malpractice”.

The video discussion with President Rosenberg centers on the ever-expanding role of FIU in the arts communities of South Florida and the benefits of exposure to the arts for all FIU students. Rosenberg also enthusiastically supports a well-rounded STEAM education (Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts, & Math).

The conversation with President Rosenberg began with his reflections on his family life, his inspirations, and his parents’ experiences during World War II, their immigration to the United States, and how it influenced Rosenberg’s upbringing in Athens, Ohio. The discussion turned to Rosenberg’s career and how he got started at FIU as an assistant professor of Political Science. He said the evolution of arts at FIU was led early-on by certain key administrators and professors who saw the essential value of a well-rounded exposure and education to the arts. Their vision ensured that FIU was going to pride itself in being a strong liberal arts university from the get-go. This vision led to the development of the Patricia and Phillip Frost Art Museum, which is an anchor at FIU for the artistic and cultural community.

When asked how he defines the FIU community, Rosenberg describes it as a very broad, inclusive, and open-to-the-community public institution. Regarding where the university community is headed, he feels that “the life of the mind” needs to be nurtured by artistic achievement, as well as how the arts enter into the conversation regarding STEAM Education trans-disciplinary approaches, and the role of business acumen in the arts.

President Rosenberg is full of pride knowing that FIU truly sets the bar by building bridges with the community and by giving back through medical and philanthropic services and the arts. FIU was recently voted the 64th best large organization to work for in the country and employees know that “they are doing meaningful work and that their work makes a difference”. This further supports his statement that FIU is a “mission-driven and purpose-driven institution”.

Inspicio [pronounced een-spee-cho] is a Latin word meaning inspect, examine, review. Contributors to Inspicio (FIU students, faculty and people of interest) focus primarily on the robust people, institutions, and activities of Miami and South Florida’s diverse arts communities of all disciplines.

Inspicio is known for its in-depth video interviews which are published seasonally in the e-Magazine for iPads and iPhones, and published when ready on the Inspicio website: The inaugural e-Magazine was published in August, 2015. Since then, a total of six editions have been published. The complimentary Inspicio e-Magazine App is available through the Apple APP Store — just search for “inspicio.”

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