FIU Employees Communicate Their Satisfaction


Results of a study of over 20,000 employees across a wide range of industries and professions show that FIU received top marks, making it a great place to work.  The study rated FIU #3 of 19 Florida-based employers recognized, and ninth in the education category. On the overall list of 500 employers, FIU is ranked 64th among America’s Best Employers.

The study consisted of an independent survey by and was completed by 20,000 American employees working for large U.S. companies and institutions, and the U.S. divisions of international firms in 25 industries. FIU Employees and others across the country received the survey link via email and were asked a series of questions about their employer.  Among the questions, they were asked to rate on a scale of 1-10 how likely they would be to recommend their employer to job seekers.

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