FIU Debate hosts IDebate Rwanda


On Wednesday, September 21, The FIU Debate Team, housed in the Department of Communication, hosted an international debate at FIU with students from Rwanda. For over two hours, the FIU Debate Team and the Rwandan students held a public debate over the topic, “Should the US stop selling weapons to Saudi Arabia,” to an audience of over 40 FIU students and faculty members.The students, part of IDebate Rwanda, have been traveling throughout the United States as part of the 2016 iDebate Rwanda USA Tour: Voices from a Post Genocide Generation.

IDebate Rwanda is a NGO started in October 2012 with the aim of promoting the activity of debate in Rwanda. The goal of the tour is to raise awareness about Rwanda and its debate program for high school students, which brings students from different backgrounds together. The program teaches them how to debate peacefully and disagree without feeling the need to use violence.

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