FIU BOLD Visits Washington D.C.


Florida International University’s BOLD, a student run communication agency, was given the opportunity to visit our nation’s capital, Washington D.C. They had the chance to meet with agencies, professionals, FIU alumni, and clients. During their stay, BOLD visited Allison and Partners, Kivvit, The Heritage Foundation, The Democratic Campaign Committee, and The House of Representatives.

Visiting these agencies and organizations made them realize that there is more to D.C. than just politics. The students had the opportunity to learn how these agencies work with their clients and provide creative and fresh campaigns in a city that revolves around public affairs. The agencies also educated the students about their internship opportunities and the great benefits their organization provides.

The students were also able to network with successful FIU alumni and learn industry insights from these professionals. Among them were Jean Roseme, Deputy Chief of Staff at the U.S. House of Representatives; former SGA Presidents; Cici Battle, Executive Director at Young People For; and Helena Richardson, Director of the Young Leaders Program at The Heritage Foundation. All of them shared their knowledge and experience with the students as well as their memorable moments as Panthers at FIU.

To end their visit, BOLD met with their client, FIU in D.C., and toured their location. It was very exciting to finally be able to see what FIU in D.C. is really all about. The students had time to explore and ask questions to the staff of FIU in D.C. It was a great opportunity to network and to learn about a part of FIU that plays such an important part in the nation’s public affairs.

The trip was overall an eye-opening experience! Not only was it exciting for the students to be exposed to all these professionals that are so successful in their field and were once in their exact same position, but many of the students had never considered D.C. as an option for their future! This extremely rare opportunity and experience made them realize that D.C. might be the place for them to excel in their academic and professional careers!

Written by Jose Acosta

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