FIU BOLD Visits NYC For Second Annual Agency Tour


This past Spring Break, Florida International University’s BOLD club visited New York City for their second annual agency tour. In the midst of the cold weather, our students had the opportunity to tour agencies, gain industry insights, network with communication professionals and have fun in the city that never sleeps. During this visit, our students visited Edelman, Y&R, Miami Ad School, CultHealth, Horizon Media, Grey and Marina Maher Communications.

Throughout the agency tour, our students were able to experience the different agencies, what they specialize in and learn about their clients. All the agencies were unique in their own way. From strategy-focused agencies to creative startups, our students were able to pick their area of interest and network with the employees for future job opportunities.

Here’s what our four-year, senior BOLD member Adrianna Horvat had to say about her time in New York, “It was eye-opening in the best of ways. Before I went on this trip, I thought I would never make it in New York, not in a million years. Now I have connections at several agencies, and I’m on a path toward a career in the city of my dreams.”

One of BOLD’s new members and sophomore, Nicole Aguirre said, “Who knew that traveling with a group of unacquainted students would give me so much clarity and drive for my career! Visiting top name agencies showed me what could be out there for me if I continue pushing myself. Growth comes from leaving your comfort zone, and New York City is the perfect place to discover a hidden passion.”

The takeaway:

When applying for summer internships, in this case, in the big city, the most important thing is standing out from the crowd. Branding yourself is a must, whether it’s with your resume, business cards or portfolio. Recruiters receive hundreds of applications per position so you have to think why they need to hire you. Networking is key, as I’m sure you’ve heard, it’s all about “who you know”. Make sure to connect with others, go to networking events and always leave a memorable first impression.

Join BOLD and get the chance to go to our third annual agency trip coming Spring 2019. #BeBOLD.

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