CARTA in DC + DC Alumni Network Picnic


The CARTA in DC Communication Department Internship Program is always seeking new organizations to host our fantastic students, and partnering with the FIU Washington, DC Alumni Network is an important part of that initiative. A beautiful Sunday at Washington, DC’s Rock Creek Park was the backdrop for a picnic where alumni and guests shared great summer food and toured a nearby 18th Century millhouse.

It was a laidback day of grilling and chatting that opened up networking opportunities – a main goal for both CARTA in DC and the Alumni Network. As FIU’s presence in the nation’s capital continues to grow, our students and recent grads are encouraged to create communities and lasting relationships.

Through CARTA in DC, students land competitive internships at nationally acclaimed organizations each semester. Whether they’re at the Smithsonian or the Library of Congress, our interns gain eye-opening communication experience at some of the most prestigious positions in the capital. Matches are made between interns and organizations based on students’ skills and interests, highlighting the best they have to offer.

Professor John Sotham and Communication Department Academic Support Service Manager, Gabby Portela, are building a strong relationship with the DC Panther team to offer even more opportunities for Communication Department students!

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