Crisis Management is All About Communication



Do you think handling your own personal conflicts is difficult? Try making a career out of handling the conflicts associated with presidents, celebrities, multinational companies, and politicians.  Judy Smith has made a career out of being a “fixer” for a wide range of clients and has been immortalized in the popular television show, Scandal.   On March 31, 2014, she took the stage in the Graham Center Ballroom to share her story with FIU students, faculty and staff as part of Diversity Week.

Smith graduated from Boston University with a degree in Communications, before deciding to attend the American University’s Washington College of Law. There she was able to hone her argumentation, persuasion, and conflict management skills. After law school, Smith was prepared to accept a job at a law firm when she had a lunch meeting with a friend that led her in a whole new direction. Three days later she was offered a job in crisis management and she has never looked back. Her communication skills took her all the way to becoming the Special Assistant and Deputy Press Secretary to George H.W. Bush. She now works as a crisis manager.

Judy Smith’s career has shown what can become of good communication skills can lead. Where will your communication skills take you? 

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