Communication professors train local police to connect with citizens


FIU News recently published a story on the different ways the Department of Communication is creating programs that facilitate more effective communication between officers and the South Florida community. Currently, Communication professors are working with the City of Miami Police Department and the Miami-Dade Police Department to train local police to connect with citizens.

At the City of Miami, training began in 2015 with the “Policing Through Effective Communication” workshop led by Joann Brown and Raquel Perez, teaching officers active listening techniques, how to speak concisely and the value of showing respect and courtesy—all directly aligned with fundamental policing procedures as outlined in the state’s law enforcement training handbook. At Miami-Dade County, the “Police-Youth Community Dialogues” program facilitates sessions in high schools where police officers sit in a circle with students and, under Antoine Hardy’s guidance, discuss topics ranging from police brutality to interacting effectively with each other to general ways to better the community.

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