Communication faculty members honored for their excellence in teaching


FIU’s annual celebration, Faculty Convocation awards select individuals for their significant achievements in their scholarly pursuit and achievements. They are recognized for their impactful teaching, outstanding research, and exemplary service.  

This year, two CARTA faculty members, Adjunct Professor Eva Gasson and Associate Teaching Professor Maria Ines Marino, were honored and recognized by the university for their Excellence in Teaching and Adjunct Teaching. 

Congratulations to both professors Maria Ines Marino and Eva Gasson! 

Professor Gasson’s Excellence in Adjunct Teaching award is for her 25-year dedication to communications, marketing, management, leadership, customer service, building relationships, process improvement, and quality assurance. In addition to teaching, she assists in designing and developing the ‘Fundamentals of Communication’ (COM3714) course, along with her colleagues for quality management. 

“I am honored to be selected for this award and to have the opportunity to impact the lives of my students. The amazing faculty I have collaborated with across the university inspired me and helped shape my teaching. I’d like to share this award with them and the students I have met along the way. They are a true testament to resilience and hope for the future.” 

Professor Marino’s Excellence in Teaching Award recognizes her eloquent teaching through face-to-face, online, Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL), and hybrid courses for the Department of Communication. She is a researcher in emerging technologies that intertwine non-verbal communication and intercultural communication.  

“This award is a reflection on what I have learned and hopefully contributed to the amazing world of education, but most importantly, it is a reflection of the task ahead to continue making a real difference in the world of our students,” said Professor Marino. 

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