Communication Arts student Raises Campus Awareness with Multicultural Programs and Services


Over the past several semesters, Communication Arts junior Daniel Capote has dedicated his passion and time as the student intern for Multicultural Programs and Services’ LGBTQA Initiatives at FIU. In this capacity he does everything from coordinating events to designing flyers and educational materials to advocating on behalf of FIU’s LGBTQA population, and identifying ways in which FIU can better fulfill the needs of LGBTQA students. As an integral part of the team, Capote offers support on a range of educational and social programs, lectures, academic courses, and leadership development opportunities for students and others. He credits his time in Communication Arts as helping him be successful in his position.

“The skills that I learned in my Interpersonal, Conflict Management, Social Media, and Intercultural classes have given me a greater ability to engage with others on behalf of students and the office,” Capote explains. “If I am ever in a meeting with another organizational representative, it’s very important to be able to express my goals and concerns clearly and negotiate agreeable terms for all parties involved.”

To him, art and communication go hand-in-hand. He believes that knowledge of art is essential to understanding human expression and communication. He was drawn to the Art & Performance track within Communication Arts, because he grew up playing the piano.

“I have personal and intimate knowledge of how the arts are just as much a form of communication as any other channel that is available to us. What I have learned in my internship is that LGBTQA people, because of their history of discrimination and oppression, have often turned to the arts and performance to be able to express thoughts and feelings that were forbidden at the time,” he explains.

Capote hopes to enroll in graduate school and secure a position in an organization that allows him to use the skills he has been cultivating at FIU.



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