Communication Arts Student and Instructor Recognized as Worlds Ahead Graduates


Sunday, May 3rd, begins Florida International University’s three-day, nine ceremony graduation, and more than 100 Communication Arts graduates will cross the stage at the FIU Arena to receive their diplomas. Among the thousands of FIU graduates, two students with connections to the Communication Arts Department will be recognized as “Worlds Ahead Graduates.”  Communication Arts major Paula Navarette (left, above) is dedicated to serving others and after graduation she will be leaving to begin mission trips to Cambodia and Mozambique. Adjunct faculty member Daniela Ottati (right, above) will be receiving her doctorate in curriculum and instruction, and with her three prior degrees from FIU, this will make her a four-time alumna. Congratulations to all of our graduates! To read more about Navaratte, Ottati and all of the Worlds Ahead graduates, go to:

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