Communication Arts Staff Member Featured in Special Art Exhibition at FIU


When Communication Arts staff member Sarah Shoulak participated in the FIU Faculty, Staff & Family art exhibition last spring, she did not realize her art piece would be chosen to go on display at the Ronald W. Reagan Presidential House in a special exhibition. Each year, as part of the FIU Spring Picnic, staff members are invited to share their original works of art in the community gallery at the Frost Art Museum. President Mark B. Rosenberg selects his favorite works to be part of an exhibition in his home curated by the museum staff. Shoulak, along with nine other FIU staff members, will have the distinct honor to have their works on display until Fall 2015.

Shoulak’s energetic mosaics are complex terrains created from recycled materials such as old pamphlets, flyers, and business cards that she finds around the city. The work she has on display is made from recycled materials found at FIU, particularly old materials found in the CommArts Studio. Her artworks are constructed piece-by-piece and when seen up close one can decipher the different recycled materials carefully and methodically folded up next to each other. From afar, the mosaics have a Seurat-esque feel with the blend of colors coming together and falling into each other, ultimately creating a beautiful, complete image. Each intricate mosaic is made from 2,000 to 4,000 half-inch pieces of paper and take from 10 to 16 hours to construct.

Since beginning her pursuit of art in March 2014, Shoulak has shown her works at several art institutions in South Florida, including the Frost Art Museum, Art Center Wynwood, and LMNT Gallery. She currently owns an art company, Kateri Art and Design, through which she promotes and sells her mosaics. She is finishing up her graduate degree in Communication Studies from the University of Miami and works as a Program Assistant for Communication Arts at FIU.


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