Communication Arts senior claims top honors in 2015 NASPA Case Study Competition


Communication Arts senior, Jaime Williams, led a team of FIU students to claim top honors in the 2015 NASPA Case Study Competition at the University of South Florida this past week. The annual event challenges Florida college students to tackle real issues facing higher education. William’s team, which included two other FIU students, battled more than 20 Florida private and public universities. In the end, their remarkable presentation and analysis of the problem solidified their win. This competition was the first victory for FIU.

The group tackled a crisis case study regarding a natural disaster that hit the Florida area and affected three surrounding universities. Given only three days to analyze the case, the group practiced intensely, and made their presentations to a panel of judges comprising industry professionals. The teams were assessed on professionalism, visual presentation, overall content as well as responses to the judges’ questions.

“Communication Arts has given me the knowledge to feel at ease in front of any audience. It has given me the tools to develop a powerful presentation, and that was the reason why we did so well in the competition,” said Jaime. He credits public speaking as one of the most important classes to help him gain confidence, and become more comfortable presenting and communicating with others.

Currently an enrollment associate at FIU, Williams completed an extensive and unique summer internship at North Carolina State University in the Orientation department. Combining that experience with the excitement of the competition, he is positive that higher education is the path he wants to take.

Graduating in May 2016, Williams is preparing for graduate school having already applied to five higher education administration programs. In spring 2016, he will join more than 400 Communication Arts graduates, which have received the tools to be WorldsAhead.


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