Communication Arts Professor releases a new book


Lynne M. Webb, Ph.D, Professor in Communication Arts and Erin Parcel, Ph.D, Associate Professor of Communication at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, co-edited a book entitled A Communication Perspective on the Military. The recently released book was the first time the two scholars collaborated on a project. Dr. Webb has served as a mentor for many in the field of communication. Therefore, when it came time for Dr. Sahlstein to find a partner on this project, working with Dr. Webb was a clear choice. “Lynne has served as an amazing mentor throughout this project. She was always there with words of wisdom, encouragement, and support,” states Dr. Parcell.

The collaboration brings into focus the challenge of sense-making in the war state. This collection of essays, diverse in theoretical perspective and methodological endeavors, offers the reader a unified focus on messages from, for, and about the military. The collection highlights three broad areas of concern: communication in the military family; the military in the media; and rhetoric surrounding the military. Each section includes chapters reporting the latest research and offering suggestions for practical applications. (source)

Steven R. Wilson, Ph.D, Purdue University, noted: “Sahlstein Parcell and Lynne Webb produced the most comprehensive collection of essays and empirical studies on communication and the military that our discipline has seen to date- works that are timely, theoretical grounded, and rich with exemplars. The editors bring together scholars from several areas of the communication discipline (e.g., family communication, media studies, rhetoric) whose research explores the military. Too often these areas of scholarship are read in isolation from each other, but this volume illustrates the potential for creating points of interaction between them.”

Professor Webb (PhD, University of Oregon) conducts research on communication in personal relationships. She joined the FIU faculty in August 2013 after serving on the University of Arkansas faculty where she was named a J. William Fulbright Master Researcher. The courses she teaches at FIU include Interpersonal Communication, Conflict Management, and Communication in Social Media. She is the author of over eighty essays and two previously published edited volumes. Her work has appeared in the Journal of Applied Communication Research, Communication Education, Health Communication, and the Journal of Family Communication. She is a past president of the Southern States Communication Association.

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