Communication Arts Internship Program continues to expand


Students enrolled in the Communication Arts Internship Program (CAIP) came together at FIU to share their different internship opportunities for the fall semester. Students enrolled in the program participate in a number of internships from a variety of fields, which include agencies, television, cultural institutions, and government agencies. Each student enrolled in the COM 4940 course, taught by Professor Marino, revealed an interesting and unique professional history that varied in challenges and accomplishments. The program encourages students to take on new opportunities and projects in their internship, and help them expand their skills and engage in new learning opportunities.

“More often than not, interns discover new interests and narrow down the career path that best fits them. Along with determining a career, interns grow their skill set by participating in the projects executed in their internships,” Professor Marino explained about the course.

Several students have found that internships lead to great opportunities. Dominique Erhl, a Communication senior, joined Univision, where she was exposed to marketing integration, off-site commercial shoots and working on the Latin American award show, Premios Juventud, and eventually earned her an internship with NBC Universal in New York for the semester. Erhl gained valuable experience alongside the Vice President of Integrated Marketing for USA Network, eventually being offered a marketing strategy internship in Connecticut with NBC Sports Group.

Passion has also driven students to pursue internships with industry leaders such as Warner Brothers. Giuseppe Foresti has only worked with Warner Brothers’ WBTV for a short time, and his excitement and dedication for the company has grown stronger. His internship focus is on marketing sales and television distribution, with direct experience in negotiations and contracts. WBTV’s office in Miami has television distribution relations with Latin America and the Caribbean, which makes communication in Spanish essential. One of Foresti’s most apparent challenges is communicating professionally in Spanish which he worked with his supervisor to refine.

Other student interns have found excellent opportunities for professional growth at The Frost Art Museum, Kimberly Green Latin American and Caribbean Center, and FIU Online. The class focuses on giving students the necessary tools to excel in their organizations while providing professional development. The program director, Prof. Ines Marino, also works directly with employers to work with the students on developing skills and expanding knowledge.

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