Communication Arts’ Alumna Scores Big in UK


Since graduating two years ago, communication arts major and athlete Brittany Cecelia “Cece” Spencer (B.A., 2014) has been busy winning a national championship with her team in women’s college volleyball in England and earning a master’s degree in Media, Marketing and Advertising at Essex University.  A gifted athlete and former player for FIU’s Women’s Volleyball until she was sidelined with an ACL tear, Spencer recovered and accepted a scholarship to the University of Essex to play for the women’s volleyball team. Choosing Essex also provided her with the opportunity to play professionally for the Tendring Volleyball Club’s Ladies Team in the National Volleyball League.  Her talent helped lead the women’s volleyball university team to win the 2016 BUCS Championship, England’s equivalent of the United States’ NCAA.

Spencer has scored equally well in the academic arena.  She will complete her M.A. in December 2016.  Her research focuses on examining the effects of cultural imperialism and the representation of ethnicities in media, particularly the representation of blacks in Western society.  After completing her graduate degree, Spencer hopes to combine her communication skills and training in media to become a broadcaster, preferably in sports.

Spencer was in town recently for Easter break and she visited FIU. After entering at the new 109th Street Modesto Maidique campus entrance and parking in the newest parking garage, PG6, she found her way “home” to the Communication Arts Department where she found some old friends and favorite professors.

You can see Spencer perfecting her on-camera presence in her online video blog, “Brittany Cecelia, In Perspective,” which showcases her overseas experiences and the perspectives of those she encounters, and you can check out her volleyball spiking skills in her team’s games in the British collegiate championship.


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