Communication and Media Summer Study Abroad Students Help Launch Floating Museum in Spain


Students in FIU’s Communication and Media in Spain study abroad program spent their past summer on an adventure that included doing media work to help launch a one-of-a-kind floating museum in Spain. The students gained professional media experience with the international emergency rescue non-profit Proemaid, which is based in Seville and consists of volunteer firefighters. The students in the Communication and Media in Spain summer study abroad program helped establish global partnerships with museum curators and other entities, while simultaneously exploring Spanish culture and communication systems.

Proemaid asked the Communication and Media in Spain summer study abroad students for help with their floating museum and for assistance with other communication-related projects like gathering volunteers, creating social media content, and finding new ways to get donations. FIU students Christopher Gomez, Jarille Molina, Megan Salsamendi, and Adriana Vassuer were in charge of finding museum experts to help launch the floating museum for Proemaid. “FIU’s study abroad program gave us an awesome mini-internship with a global non-profit and we loved the work! It’ll really help our resumes once we graduate” said Jarille.

The FIU Communication and Media in Spain Summer study abroad students noted the museum will feature pictures chronicling Proemaid’s rescue missions for refugees lost at sea, as well as showcase equipment they use while on the job. Since Proemaid will also be using this boat for rescue missions and training, FIU students had the task of finding museum curators willing to design this museum with a temporary layout. Onio Reina, Proemaid Co-Founder said, “the purpose of our museum is to bring awareness to the refugee crisis happening right now.”

The communication strategy created by the Communication and Media summer study abroad students shows the global impact FIU can have. The study abroad program is just one group of students actively making a difference in the world. Program Professor, David Park, said, “our students in the study abroad program are expanding FIU’s mission at a global level and leaving the world a better place because of their work.”


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