CommArts Studio Helps Speakers Prepare for TEDx FIU!


TEDx FIU RehearsalsTEDx FIU 2013 is coming and Communication Arts is helping the speakers get ready for the big stage. Rehearsals have been underway for several weeks at the CommArts Studio and speaking coaches Joann Brown and Char Eberly report that things are coming together. With the event organizers, Deborah O’Neal and Eddie Merrille from FIU Media Relations, Brown and Eberly have been helping speakers develop the best way to tell their stories.  And what amazing stories they are!  From stories of discovery to recovery, they tell listeners what happens when you walk to the beat of a different drum, search for solutions, or look at things through another’s eyes.

In a recent rehearsal, Physics professor Pete Markowitz and CARTA Artist-in-Residence Xavier Cortada rehearsed their talk while O’Neal and Eberly watched with critical eyes.  In the end, the speakers were applauded for what was clearly the result of some outside practice and they received advice on how to better manage the various “hand offs” between their sections.  Urging one to slow down a bit and one to pick up the pace, the coaches’ consensus was that they were almost ready.

After the rehearsal, as the two speakers checked their calendars and made plans to get together for some more practice, the coaches looked on and smiled.

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