CommArts Helps Students Power Up for Interviews


Recently, Communication Arts Studio Coordinator Sarah Shoulak took the Studio to the Alpha Epsilon Delta pre-med honors society at FIU. At the student organization’s request, Shoulak led a workshop on Interview Skills the for the 20+ students. The one-hour workshop covered critical skills such as preparing for interviews, presenting a personal brand, and fielding unexpected questions. Shoulak combined research with practical application to provide students with ways to conquer their nerves and present their best selves. “Interviews are among the most high-stress communication events, and it helps to have a little science on your side,” said Shoulak. She taught attendees the “Superman Pose,” which is based on Harvard University researcher Amy Cuddy’s work with “power poses” to increase confidence and lower anxiety. The physical pose – legs apart, hands on hips, shoulders back and chest out – makes you bigger and ready for action. Striking the pose for just two minutes will biochemically prime the brain for power while simultaneously helping calm you down. “This will really help me feel more confident before I go into an interview,” said one student after learning the pose. Shoulak also helped participants prepare talking points that highlight their strengths, master the perfect handshake, and project confidence and interest through their body language, such as sitting forward on the chair and “leaning in” toward the interviewer. Mock interview sessions are offered at the CommArts Studio for all Communication Arts majors and those currently enrolled in Public Speaking or Communication Arts’ classes.

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