Business Communication Minor



Our Business Communication minor helps students develop high-level competency in written, oral, and visual communication. The minor cultivates students’ communication professionalism through theoretical and workshop-oriented courses that emphasize creative solutions to challenging communication problems.

The minor promotes practical use of communication skills in a wide variety of managerial tasks. Key skills that we teach our students include conflict management and teamwork, leadership, interviewing, writing professional business documents, building employee morale, and public speaking. All these skills are applicable to both the public and private sector.

The degree consists of 15 credits. At least 12 credits must be completed at Florida International University.  A grade of ‘C’ or higher is required in all courses counted towards the minor. 

Required courses for minor (15 credits):

  • SPC 3602 Advanced Public Speaking (Pre-requisite: SPC 2608 Public Speaking)
  • COM 4462 Conflict Management
  • SPC 4445 Corporate Communication and Leadership Dynamics
  • COM 3110 Business and Professional Communication
  • COM 3135 Managerial Communication


Admission requirements for the minor:
  • Minimum GPA 2.0
  • Admittance to the university


The College of Architecture + The Arts Academic Advisors are available to provide students with guidance as they work towards attaining their degrees.  Appointments can be scheduled by contacting the CARTA Advising office at 305-348-2765 or stopping by PCA 272.

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