Business as Usual in the CommArts Studio


When FIU News decided to drop in on the Communication Arts Studio this past summer, they found: Natalie Diaz, Miss FIU, preparing for the Miss Florida scholarship pageant; former student and FIU employee, Kirk Staley, preparing his portion of the FIU ENACTUS team’s presentation for the national competition; and Caitlyn Ryan, a student preparing a presentation for her Public Speaking class.  It was simply business as usual for the CommArts Studio, which provides feedback and coaching to thousands of students every year.

From advising on organizing material and supporting presentations with appropriate visual aids to offering tips on reducing anxiety and coaching speakers on engaging their audiences, the communication coordinators at the Studio offer assistance with all aspects of public speaking and presenting.  Whether it is learning about the “Superman/Wonder Woman pose” or how to steady one’s feet in high heels, visitors to the Studio leave with new skills they can put to use right away.  Assistant Director, Char Eberly says, “It’s all in a day’s work for us.  We are here to help our students sound and look their best when they take the stage or stand up in front of an audience.”  See for yourself at:

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