BOLD Hosts Social Media Workshop for FIU Faculty Members


BOLD introduced their first ever Social Media workshop to FIU faculty members with the following quote by Don Schlutes, “Social media creates communities, not markets.”

The FIU BOLD Organization is working with FIU’s Master of Public Administration Program to develop a corporate communications campaign to help promote its various industries. Along with helping MPA run a successful campaign, BOLD is also putting their efforts into helping administrators get a better understanding on the importance of social media and how it can help with the success of any given campaign.

Account Executive Elena Herrera and her team hosted a two-hour social media essentials class on October 11th, 2019 to the faculty members of the Department of Public Policy and Administration. During this workshop, hosted by Elena and her team composed of Maria Duque, Rafy Vazquez, and Angely Escalona, they went over the essentials of managing social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

“The FIU Department of Public Policy and Administration is very excited to work with BOLD FIU to expand our marketing efforts,” said Agatha S. Caraballo one of the faculty members who attended the workshop. She also said, “They conducted a fun, interactive workshop for our department that introduced social media to some of our colleagues with limited exposure in a way that was accessible and relatable.”

Faculty members were encouraged to ask questions and engage as much as possible, making this a hands-on workshop. After the success of the workshop, BOLD members have coordinated with MPA to host this workshop for its faculty members once a semester.

“You guys are amazing at BOLD,” said Daniella S. Long the Senior Program Coordinator in the Department. “This workshop showcased how to excellently use social media to endorse your

BOLD is a student-run and faculty-managed strategic communications agency where students gain hands-on, real-world experience in a professional agency environment. The experiential learning opportunity helps students develop and sharpen their skills through real client work, workshops, team-building exercises and networking engagements with professionals and thought leaders in the communications industry.

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Written by Maria Vargas

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