Students Practice Zen calligraphy at the Rubell Family Collection


On Saturday, April 5th, students from Dr. Lidu Yi, Assistant Professor’s Chinese Art classes visited the Rubell Family Collection to practice Zen calligraphy. The Rubell Family Collection generously welcomed the students to use its space to learn this craft.

article4Juan Roselione Valadez, Director of The Rubell Family Collection/Contemporary Arts Foundation received teh students warmly, and spoke to them during the workshop experience. Additionally, Mera Rubell, Founder of the Rubell Family Collection joined the students during their workshop. She spoke to them about global learning, encouraging them to learn “other cultures” and “have a global mind in the 21st century.” Rubell also shared stories about her experiences visiting China, and she encouraged the FIU students to plan their own visits to the country. She told them to “experience it” and “see how much Chinese artists know about us….”

Dr. Yi’s students enjoyed the workshop at the Rubell Family Collection. They left the museum knowing how to write the word “Zen” with traditional Chinese rice paper and brushes.

The images in this article are provided courtesy of Grace Villalobos and Paula Calvo.

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