Student Spotlight: Chloe Dorsainvil Uses Photography to Showcase the Beauty of Haiti


In 2010, a catastrophic earthquake of a magnitude of 7.0 shook Haiti’s capital to ruins. Residences and commercial buildings across Port-au-Prince were severely damaged or collapsed. Approximately three million people were affected by the quake and thousands lost their lives; making it one of the biggest natural disasters to effect the Western hemisphere.

After the earthquake, affected families fled to the United States seeking refuge and a chance to get a better education. One of these families was the family of FIU Art + Art History student, Chloe Dorsainvil.

While finishing middle school in Miami, FL her classmates were confused as to why she was different from other Haitians.

“People kept asking me how come I am from Haiti, if my skin color is light and my hair is curly,” Chloe explained. “Everyone had the wrong impression of Haiti. They only knew what was shown on TV.”

Returning home for high school, Chloe (a photography aficionado), traveled to the different provinces outside of Port-au-Prince to photograph the Caribbean landscapes of Haiti. She captured the beauty of the country rather than the negative side the media portrays.

Gathering all the photographs she took, Chloe decided to publish online a nonprofit book, which she promotes and sells in Haiti. All the donations and profits she collects, she donates to Haitian orphanages and organizations in need.

Currently, Chloe is pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts with specialization in Graphic Design. She plans to continue her education in advertising and travel aboard to photograph different cultural landscapes worldwide. After she graduates, she aspires to work for Google or become an entrepreneur in New York City.

Chloe’s passion for photography has turned into a philanthropic endeavor and a positive aspect to the plight of her people; opening the eyes of many and showing the true beauty of Haiti behind the rubble.


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