Sibling Duo TM Sisters Exhibits at David Castillo Gallery


Portait of the TM Sisters by Justin Broadbent

October 5th will be the last day to see Prismavolt, an exhibition by the TM Sisters at the David Castillo Gallery in Wynwood. Monica López De Victoria and Natasha López De Victoria are the artistic duo. Monica is an FIU alumna, and received her Bachelor of Fine Arts from the College of Architecture + the Arts in 2002. Natasha is an alumna of New World School of the Arts, from which she received her BFA in 2005.

TMSisters_PrismavoltSoloShow_VideoStill_2013In their new show at the David Castillo Gallery, the TM Sisters focus on the refraction of light in both a scientific and metaphoric sense. They are interested in the way prisms, or prism-like materials, refract light. They connect this scientific perspective to holistic health. The exhibition examines how “prismatic healing methods [could be used] to clear out all that is overdone, complex, or clogging in life,” as put by the TM Sisters, who are trained in muscle-testing and neurokinetic therapy. “Prismavolt is about the current time in our lives,” said the artistic duo. In regards to prism-like materials like the ocean, the refraction of light can metaphorically represent the process of personal growth. “The ocean…resembles the refracting of all colors from our lives and feeling the kind of clarity that comes with having gone through experiences[,] and [then] coming out on the other end [being] more knowledgeable and at peace.” To express these ideas, the TM Sisters work with a wide range of media, rather than choosing just one. “Each type of art medium informs the next and is a [collage] just like our city Miami is a mashup of all sorts of cultures and ideas,” said the duo. To the right is a video still from their exhibition Prismavolt. (Image courtesy of David Castillo Gallery)

The TM Sisters have been voted Miami’s Best Artist in 2012 by the Miami New Times, have exhibited in local and international locations like New York, London, and Moscow, and have been covered by The Guradian, The New York Times, Vogue Italia, and ARTNews.

The closing day of their exhibition Prismavolt will be Saturday, October 5 at David Castillo Gallery, 2234 NW 2nd Avenue, Miami, FL 33127.

For more information on the TM Sisters, click here.

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