‘R.F. Buckley: Forging Aluminum ‘ Shows at MIA’s Central Terminal Gallery


Professor R.F. Buckley is currently exhibiting his work at the Miami International Airport’s Central Terminal Gallery, which is managed by alumna Yolanda Sanchez (BFA ’91).

R.F. Buckley: Forging Aluminum showcases pieces applied with Buckley’s own artistic sensibilities. He transforms a difficult medium – aluminum – into an elegant commentary about materials.  Over the trajectory of his career, Buckley’s sculpture has involved ideas and sensibilities about space, and spatial relationships between the work and its relationship to the landscape.  The work emphasized the intrinsic nature of the materials being used, and the interrelationship of size, scale and amount of material as related to human and architectural considerations. (Source: MIA Galleries)

Buckley’s most recent works are of cast, forged, and welded aluminum.  His ideas are inspired and shaped through observation of splashed and still water and from studying the celestial photos produced through the Hubble Space Telescope.

Forging Aluminum is a survey of Buckley’s past and recent sculptural works. His new work is primarily about water, reflecting his interest and attempt to present and replicate for an instant some of the elusive, fluid, refractive and ever-changing, quicksilver qualities of water.

All information in this article was drawn from MIA Galleries.

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