Pip Brant Fulfills Residency in Wyoming

pip2-15,000 resort ranch
Brush Creek Ranch during Associate Professor Pip Brant’s residency.

College of Architecture + The Arts’ Pip Brant, Associate Professor of Fiber Art and Painting is fulfilling an artist’s residency for Brush Creek Foundation for the Arts for the month of February.

Brant is at the historic Brush Creek Ranch (established in 1884) near Saratoga, Wyoming. The ranch is close to the Medicine Bow National Forest and is between the Sierra Madre and Snowy Mountain ranges. In 2008, the ranch was purchased by Bruce White, Chairman and CEO of White Lodging – a prominent company in the hotel industry. Brant’s project while at the Brush Creek Ranch is to paint the landscapes that surround the area. She is with seven other residents, among them writers, painters, composers and fiber artists.

In addition to focusing on her painting project, Brant is braving the harsh weather in Wyoming, which has varied from -22 degrees to 40 degrees Fahrenheit within the three weeks she has been at the ranch.

For more information on the Brush Creek Foundation for the Arts, click here.

The images in this article are provided by Pip Brant.

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