Pip Brant and Mary Larsen in new exhibition at Juan Ruiz Gallery


The College of Architecture + The Arts’s Pip Brant, Associate Professor and alumna Mary Larsen (BFA ’12) will be featured in Short Story, which opens at the Juan Ruiz Gallery on Thursday, July 24th.

Short Story includes eleven Miami-based artists curated by aritst Rubén Torres Llorca. The name of the exhibition comes from the small format of all pieces in the show. Each piece has its own short story told by its respective artist.

The following artists are featured in Short Story:

Esteban Blanco
Pip Brant
Carol K. Brown
Randy Burman
Liliam Dominguez
Kathleen Hudspeth
Mary Larsen
Rogelio Lopez Marin
Rafael Lopez Ramos
Ruben Torres-Llorca
Lucy de la Vega

Short Story will open on Thursday, July 24th, 2014 at the Juan Ruiz Gallery: 301 NW 28 Street, Miami, FL 33127. Free and open to the public.

As a part of Short Story, a concert will be hosted by the Juan Ruiz Gallery on Saturday, August 9th. The following description of the concert is from the gallery’s press release.

Juan Ruiz Gallery is pleased to present as part of ‘our Short Stories’ exhibition a collaborative interdisciplinary piece by Artists Ruben Torres Llorca, Rogelio Lopez Marin (Gory) and musical group The Similar Prisoners.

The piece titled ‘My World Keeps Falling’ is a limited edition of 5 one of a kind art boxes, containing inside them 10 original illustrations each corresponding to each of the songs on the “My World Keeps Falling” album by The Similar Prisoners. Each one of the boxes will have a unique cover art on see thru acrylic.

The boxes also contain a 24kt gold cd copy of the aforementioned album in mini LP format. What makes this piece truly unique is that it will be the first collaboration between these two artists that were part of the now mythical 1981 Cuban exhibition Volumen Uno, as there’ll be an original Gory photo (c–print) included in each box. To top it off on Saturday July 12th the gallery will have The Similar Prisoners performing live, the ultimate companion piece for these gorgeous one of a kind art boxes.

The images in this article are provided courtesy of the Juan Ruiz Gallery.

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Short Story Invite - Juan Ruiz Gallery

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