Nine MFA Students Exhibit at 6th Street Container


Nine students of the College of Architecture + the Arts’ Master of Fine Arts program are presenting their work at a local Miami gallery. At 6th Street Container, the students will exhibit REPEATED MARKS, a group show that focuses on the individual in relation to its environment. With the help of Professor of Ceramics/Third-Year Graduate Director/Associate Chair William Burke, and 6th Street Container’s Chief Curator Adal Delgado, the MFAs were able to plan and organize the exhibition.

REPEATED MARKS displays the diversity of form among the nine artists, and different media is used within the group. However, the various works agree on the show’s theme: an exploration of the self and its role in “time, place, and identity.” This notion presents itself in the title of the show which, according to second-year MFA student Andrew Horton, indicates the way that artists, through their work, leave “marks” behind. Horton said that the phrase “Repeated Marks” was found written on a studio door and that upon seeing it, the group decided to take it up as the name for their exhibition. “In art,” said Horton, “we’re constantly making these marks in a pursuit of making a statement, asking a question, or reaching a goal.” Third-year MFA student AdrienneRose Gionta adds onto the notion behind the phrase: “…[It] does…hold the importance of the history of those who came before us…leaving their mark, as we hope to leave our ‘mark’ on the world.” In regards to the theme of the individual and time, place, and identity, Gionta said, “We are infused within and without it.” Reflecting on the artists’ work, she believes that this theme “is unavoidable” and largely influences the creative process of each artist.

Delgado of 6th Street Container said, “[The] FIU Art students’ work definitely meets the criteria of our contemporary art space. The work offers an important discourse on social issues, personal and philosophical thoughts, as well as aesthetics and outmost creativity.”

The nine MFA students exhibiting their work for REPEATED MARKS are

Nick Gilmore
AdrienneRose Gionta
Andrew Horton
Yasmin Khalaf
Joe Locke
Garnder Cole Miller
Stephanie Mora
Kristen O’Neil
Ivan Santiago

The opening reception for REPEATED MARKS will be Friday, October 18 at 7PM, at 6th Street Container, 1155 SW 6th Street, Miami, FL 33130. Entrance is through the back of the building.

The featured image is “Not Here” (2013) by Ivan Santiago.

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