Michael Namkung Hosts Drawing Gym Workshop for We All Draw Symposium in London


On Sunday, November 8th, Assistant Professor Michael Namkung conducted a Drawing Gym Workshop in London as part of the international interdisciplinary symposium We All Draw.

During the Drawing Gym Workshop, Namkung linked ideas about attention to the body and the drawing process. Namkung’s own artistic practice explores the physicality of drawing, and is inspired by sports training exercises. “The Drawing Gym projects encourage people to become aware of their bodies and to explore their physical limits during the activity of drawing,” said Namkung. “I have a continuing preoccupation with the expression and representation of the vulnerability that is exposed under these conditions. These experiences are also registered as biomorphic drawings composed of marks that refer directly to spatial and temporal measures of the body, as well as to attempts to repeatedly delineate and reveal its shifting boundaries.” (Source: CARTA News, September 2013)

We All Draw was hosted by International Drawing & Cognition Research and Education. The symposium enabled on-going conversations and collaborations between practitioners, researchers and educators at an international level. The 2012 and 2013 symposia included workshops that demonstrated innovative and experimental practices in drawing research and education. This year, however, the symposium brought this practical focus forward even more strongly, by including master classes from invited experts and using visual methods for discussion and documentation. Workshops were underpinned by cognitive analysis of what is happening when we draw, in our many and varied ways. (Source)

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