MFA Candidate, Victor Golden’s ‘ENTERYE REZOUD / INNER RESOLVE’ Captures the Poverty and Beauty of Haiti

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In the summer of 2015, Victor Golden (MFA Candidate) visited Port Au Prince, Haiti to photograph and capture the geo-political landscape of what is known as the poorest country in the Western hemisphere. As a volunteer for COHEF (Children of Haiti Enhancement Foundation), he was able to shoot a series of photographs that depicted the cultural adversities and the people of the country.

This eye-opening trip, prompted his next return to Haiti, which in turn created the perfect canvas for his Master’s in Fine Arts thesis project, ‘ENTERYE REZOUD / INNER RESOLVE’.  The thesis idea stemmed from his research on the African Slave Trade across the Caribbean and his passion for street photography.

“Street photography has always been a rich and alive experience with the pulse and energy of life captured in a single moment. It is the spirit of the people, their circumstances, which awakens my artistic expression; finding newfound meaning in the issues that I come face to face with moment to moment” – Victor Golden

Victor’s journey throughout Haiti helped unravel the complexities and layers of the Haitian culture in his thesis, ‘ENTERYE REZOUD / INNER RESOLVE’. Opting for black and white prints, Victor was able to convey the desolate poverty and the beautiful faces of the children and inhabitants of the country, creating a piece of work that deeply resounds the impact of his travels.

Victor Golden at the Laudromat Art Space, MFA Exhbition

Victor Rafael Golden / Contact Info:

You can view Victor Golden’s ENTERYE REZOUD / INNER RESOLVE at Florida International University (BBC Campus), 3000 N.E. 145 Street in North Miami, in building Academic II, Room 105 from October 26 – November 30, 2016

Gallery Hours:  Monday, Wednesday & Fri   10 a.m. – 5 p.m., Tuesday & Thursday 10 a.m. –  7 p.m.

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