Liliana Mora becomes Traveling Photographer for Royal Caribbean Cruises‎


College of Architecture + The Arts alumna Liliana Mora (FIU BFA ’10) has just received the opportunity to use her artistic skills beyond the studio walls. On Saturday, August 22nd, she embarked on a Royal Caribbean Cruise ship as one of the company’s Traveling Photographers.

Royal Caribbean Cruises’s marketing team has partnered with Florida International University’s Art + Art History Department to develop a Traveling Photographer program. The goal of the program is to capture imagery to be used in future product advertising.

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Liliana is the first of these Traveling Photographers to be chosen from FIU. She embarked on the ship on Saturday, August 22nd as a solo photographer, and she will be onboard for 8 weeks. During the time onboard, she is responsible for capturing marketing images both onboard and in the ports of call to be used in future advertising.

The Traveling Photographer program is in its initial stages, but Royal Caribbean Cruises aims to expand it to additional ships throughout the fleet.

“This is an opportunity that will allow me to keep growing and do what I love,” said Liliana. She attributes her growth thus far to her education at FIU. “During my undergraduate career, FIU gave me the resources and the support to develop and improve my skills as a photographer and artist.”

Information in this article derived from Royal Caribbean Cruises.

The featured image is a photograph by Liliana Mora taken during her time on the Royal Caribbean cruise ship.

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