“IN A MINUTE”: a ten minute online video exhibition

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During Summer B of 2012, Jacek Kolasinski, Chair of the Department of Art and Art History and John Stuart, Chair of the Department of Architecture, conducted a graduate level visual seminar/workshop entitled “Advanced Time Art/ Architecture and Video Media” at FIU. Architecture and Visual Art students were tasked with delivering one minute long videos exploring the appropriation and representation of time and space every week.

“IN A MINUTE” is an online exhibition curated by AdrienneRose Gionta, featuring ten select one minute works from the workshop. Original works by Daniel Alonso, Ansel Blanco, Jerry Camboim, Lissette Clark, Nataliya Denysyuk, Elite Kedan, Matt Peterson, Guillermo Gomez, Michael Muench and Richard Sierra can be viewed here.

The exhibition, celebrates several of the most talented Architecture students and faculty and features works by Fine Arts students specializing in video.

The seminar/workshop will most likely be held again during Summer B 2013.



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