Greisy Lora (BFA ’14) travels to Puerto Rico for residency and has first solo show


College of Architecture + The Arts alumna Greisy Lora (BFA ’14) opened her first solo show I mean… oh yes…a thing at Studio 259 on Tuesday, June 3rd. The show was hosted by Dwelling Projects, a traveling residency run by alumna Sofia Bastidas (FIU BA ’13).

Lora’s work, as described by Bastidas, “is groundbreaking, it comes directly from her imagination, and is a mix of sincerity and weird direct expression.”

Lora sews polychromatic thread onto canvas material, creating dreamlike creatures and characters and seemingly chaotic situations. She dishevels the edges of the canvas, so as to complement the chaos within its borders. “Some things that might be noticed in the various pieces,” said Lora,” are disheveled…unstrung edges and corners….I feel the disheveled borders then might add more character to the canvas, while at the same time – hopefully – not distracting the viewer too much from what is going on on the canvas.”

Lora said that she associates the polychromatic thread to a theme of madness, and feels that it has more emphasis of her this theme than a medium such as pencil and paper. Lora told, also, how she gets lost in the almost meditative activity of sewing. “Using the machine with the loud monotone whirring of the mechanisms at work places my mind in a sort of trance that helps me get more lost in these characters and what they are doing.”

In addition to celebrating her first solo show, Lora will be traveling to Puerto Rico for a residency program hosted by Dwelling Projects. She will be featured in a collective exhibition at 20/20 in San Juan on June 27th.

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