Graphic Design Students Create Posters for Non-Profit Organizations in their First Exhibit


In today’s modern society, graphic design has become a vital component to strategic business plans, marketing, advertising and visual communication. A creative process different from the classical mediums, graphic design combines visual art and technology to communicate ideas that transcend simple words and images.

At Florida International University the Department of Art + Art History is on their second year of offering the Graphic Design track as part of the Bachelors in Fine Arts (BFA) degree. This track serves as a way for students to link the fundamentals of fine art and innovative mediums to create visual communication that is in high demand in various fields.

On March 23rd, FIU Art + Art Department hosted the first graphic design exhibit entitled, Design is Change at Miami Beach Urban Studio (MBUS) featuring art work from the 2017 BFA graduating class. The project consisted of creating posters for various non-profit organizations such as the Human Rights Campaign, Out Miami and Amigos for Kids. The designers incorporated different mediums such as typography, images, symbols and color to transform their ideas into something visually informative and intellectually stimulating.

Design is Change will be on display at MBUS until Friday, April 14th. After it comes down, the students will have an opportunity to donate the posters to the organizations included.

BFA ‘17 student, Carlos ‘Spartacus’ Garcia, felt grateful to be a part of this project that communicated a positive impact to global and social issues.

“This project was great for our class because it allowed us to not only create concepts and designs for our chosen non-profits, but also to use sustainable design for the benefit of our community,” he continued, “As a designer, I feel responsible for how people respond to visuals in the real world.”

The graphic design program has opened a door for new ways of thinking and creating. FIU graduates will apply elements acquire throughout the program such as analytical thought, creativity and entrepreneurial skills and contribute them to today’s digital world and visual culture.

Featured Image: Carlos Salazar + Christopher Morot-Gaudry | Photo Credit: Liane Sippin.

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