Four Nexus 7 Mini Pads donated to FIU Art + Art History


An anonymous donor generously provided the FIU College of Architecture + The Arts Department of Art + Art History four Nexus 7 Mini Pads, 32 Gigabytes. These devices were awarded to the top four students of the Spring Reviews (April 10th and 11th), as determined by the Department’s faculty.

Nathalie Alfonso, Christian Spencer, Daniella Piantini, and Brian Kerr are the students from the Bachelor of Fine Arts Senior Thesis Program who received the Nexus 7 Mini Pads. Christian Spencer, who also won a scholarship through the Art + Art History Department, was excited to receive the devises. “This is for me! I can’t believe it,” he said. The four students, according to the faculty’s assessment during the Spring Reviews, “spoke most effectively about their art practice, and their work displayed the most growth and clarity of idea.”

The donor said the following about providing the devices for these students: “I believe the students need to know that FIU appreciates them as hard-working, serious students.  The mini Nexus 7 electronic pad is an item they can use both to enhance their school experience as well as for fun. It becomes a daily reminder of the Art Department’s appreciation and of their own hard-won efforts to use their educational opportunity effectively.”

The total donation value of the Nexus 7 Mini Pads is $956.00. The College of Architecture + The Arts Department of Art + Art History wishes to express its gratitude to the donor.

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