Four FIU Masters Candidates Win 2015 WITVA Scholarships


Master of Fine Arts candidates Lorna Ruth Galloway, Diana M. Garcia, Inga Karelina, and Susan Maas received 2015 Women in the Visual Arts, Inc. (WITVA) Graduate Education Scholarships. The four Masters candidates received four out of six awards given by WITVA this year, and it is the first time so many FIU women have been honored by the organization. In addition, Galloway and Karelina are receiving WITVA Graduate Education Scholarships for the second time in a row.

Since its founding in 1989, Women in the Visual Arts, Inc. has offered scholarships to talented women in need of support who have been accepted into a graduate school art program. Opportunities have been given to many women who otherwise would not have been able to continue their studies toward a master’s degree in art. Criteria for the WITVA Graduate Education Scholarship awards are based on candidates’ talent, as evidenced by submitted work, grade point average, recommendations from their college professors, and financial need. After approval from the WITVA Scholarship Committee, finalists make a presentation of their work at a WITVA general meeting, where they verbalize their artistic intent and their future goals. Awards are then finalized. 100% of award proceeds go towards the awardee’s tuition. (Source: Women in the Visual Arts, Inc.)

The Masters candidates will be given their scholarship awards on Friday, April 17th, 2015.

In the header image are the winners of the 2015 WITVA Graduate Education Scholarships. Second from left: Lorna Ruth Galloway; fourth from left: Susan Maas; fifth from left: Inga Karelina; last: Diana M. Garcia.

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