FIU Student To Become Gallery Manager of David Castillo Gallery


The David Castillo Gallery has promoted FIU Art + Art History student Matthew Griffin to gallery manager.

Griffin has been an intern for the gallery for a semester. Upon his graduation at the end of this semester, he will take on the role of gallery manager for one of the most important art spaces in Miami.

““I unearthed another future goal to be achieved and conquered later in my academic career,” said Griffin.

Because of his experience at the David Castillo Gallery, Griffin desires to further his studies in the coming years with special concentration in art business courses. He wishes to obtain an art business course certificate with principles of business practices of the contemporary art world, with a concentration in programs specific to fine art marketing, public relations and communications.

“[During his] unpaid internship,” said David Castillo, partner and drector of David Castillo Gallery, “Matthew engaged in all the tasks with the diligence and effectiveness of any other employee on my team . . . he is a trustworthy team player.” Castillo noted that Griffin conducts himself with “professionalism and serious engagement with the important business of the gallery.”

Under Griffin’s leadership, the David Castillo Gallery will soon exhibit the photography of Robert Melee.

David Castillo Gallery opened a decade ago under sole ownership after transforming a dilapidated warehouse in Miami, Florida into a 5,000 square foot gallery. In September 2014, the gallery relocated to the historic Albert Anis 420 Lincoln Road building in Miami Beach. David Castillo Gallery’s focus is on conceptual curatorial models as they relate to art historical, cultural, and personal investigations of identity. The gallery works with artists committed to the integrity of their individual histories and studio practices as agents of contemporary climate. (Source: David Castillo Gallery)

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