FIU Introduces New BFA in Graphic Design

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The FIU College of Architecture + The Arts will be introducing a new Bachelor of Fine Arts field of study – Graphic Design.

The new BFA in Graphic Design offers students the creative, technological, and conceptual skills to become innovative designers. In this program, students will work with visual information and create visual messages using the entire spectrum of interactive tools, from the printed page to the Internet to mobile devices. The goal is to educate designers with the technical, manual, artistic and analytical skills to impact today’s visual communication.

Silvia Pease will be teaching the first course in graphic design in Fall 2015, Graphic Design I. This course will offer foundational skills for the graphic design discipline. Students will build their vocabularies in visual communications, working with basic design elements and principles. They will become familiar with the process of creating graphic solutions, conduct research, develop ideas, and analyze, resolve, and discuss their own work as well as the work of their peers.

“With the proliferation of digital networks,” said Pease, “we must empower our students to visually and conceptually communicate global issues through good design – ‘good design’ meaning a simple and clear visual language that communicates social, cultural, political, and environmental messages to a global community.”

Pease explains how graphic design requires much thought and creativity. “Design is everywhere. Everything is designed. Effective graphic design requires the intellectual ability to persuade and inform. Working within the constraints of a design problem makes it fun!”

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