FIU Alumna’s Dwelling Projects and Its Further Activation in Mexico City


As part of alumna Sofia Bastidas’s (BA ’13) yearlong residency at Cannonball, she and alumna Sofia Casarin (BA ’12) will travel to Mexico City this coming week to participate as curators in the development of this year’s Dwelling Projects programming and its further activation in Mexico City.

Both Bastida and Casarin have extensively explored the duality of their partnership by using each other’s physical points of departure as curators. Casarin proposed artists Lucia Hinojosa and Nestor Quiñones to be part of Dwelling Projects’s 2015 residency, since she has overseen the methodology of collaboration that has taken place between both artists. Bastidas will continue to work with Hinojosa and Quiñones at Casarin’s point of departure in Mexico City, finalizing this collaboration with an exhibition in Miami.

The result of this exploration is a series entitled “Curatorial Exercises,” which entails the interaction of different agents of participation: two artists, two curators, two cities and, consequently, a cultural exchange and a “dwelling” process of their practices and their inherent elements.

The left image in the featured image was taken by Teodora Dakova Photography.

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