Faculty Spotlight: Larry Newberry, Printmaking Professor


Adjunct Professor of Printmaking Larry Newberry began teaching for the College of Architecture + The Arts in Spring 2012. Newberry received his Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Alabama in 1975, under the Richard Zoellner Printmaking Scholarship – endowed, interestingly, by author Harper Lee from the royalties of her famous book. Newberry, then, was offered a teaching assistantship at the University of Alabama, and stayed at the university to complete a MFA in 1977, with concentrations in printmaking, photography, painting, sculpture, and ceramics.

Before he started teaching for FIU, Newberry was a part of the Little River Arts Association – or, as it is humorously called by its members, the “Little River Yacht Club” – which houses a studio and gallery in Miami’s Little River district and provides workshops. Now, at the College of Architecture + the Arts, Newberry wishes to apply his expertise and abilities to his work with the Art + Art History Department. He said that his goal as a professor of Printmaking is “[t]o make the FIU printmaking studio the best in South Florida.” “Printmaking is not just a medium for art,” said Newberry. “It is a technical skill that forces one to think seriously about one’s work because of the multiple steps required to complete an image. This does not rule out spontaneity. It just requires it to be more thoughtful.”

This Fall 2013, Newberry is teaching Beginning Printmaking, Intermediate Printmaking, Advanced Printmaking, and Graduate-Level Printmaking.

The featured image is provided by Larry Newberry.

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