Desiree McElroy Opens ‘While You Were Asleep’ at FIU Photography Gallery


Alumna Desiree McElroy (FIU BFA ’15) is exhibiting While You Were Asleep at The Photography Gallery at FIU until April 22nd, 2016.

The following is McElroy’s artist statement:

I utilize the medium of digital photography, to document suburban life at night. I am influenced by my fascination with darkness and have wanderlust of nocturnal landscapes. The goal is to portray my work as a reflection of myself and to understand the complexity of lines and shapes in contrast to the quietness and eeriness they hold.

Through a long exposure there becomes a relationship between time and movement. In search of moonlit terrain, this challenges me to capture the most luscious optical displays of light and atmosphere. This time of day displays this unique quality of light and color temperature that in reproduction is nearly impossible to display naturally.

There is a dreamy fluidity that flows through these places that elevates the significance of them. I am exploring a neglected peace and asking myself if these landscapes are still beautiful despite [humanity’s] intrusion.

While You Were Asleep will run until Friday, April 22nd, 2016 at The Photography Gallery at Florida International University: 3000 NE 145th Street, Academic II – Room 105, North Miami, FL 33181. The gallery is open from Monday to Thursday from 11AM-4PM.

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