Curator, Collaborator and Organizer Sofia Bastidas ’13 Speaks at University of Dallas


Sofia Bastidas ’13 (BA) has been invited to speak at the University of Dallas’s CentralTrak Artists Residency & Gallery on Thursday, April 28th.

Sofia Bastidas will speak about her recent co-curatorial endeavor, Port to Port and her collective work with TVGOV (Television Government). (Source: CentralTrak Artists Residency & Gallery)

Bastidas is interested in engaging in a catalyzing debate about the role of contemporary art and questions of urbanism, public and environmental policy, and the seemingly inescapable systemic conflict that shapes urban development in the United States in relationship to the Global South. (Source: CentralTrak Artists Residency & Gallery)

Port to Port is a curatorial endeavor founded and organized by Sofia Bastidas and Guillermo Leon Gomez that facilitates multi- and interdisciplinary practices, creating networks between global port cities. Interested in the replication and isomorphic design of port cities, Port to Port creates a theoretical framework for participating artists, urbanists, social scientists, and designers. Many global cities have been built in Foreign Trade Zones, with standardized architecture, city planning, and infrastructure. Port cities serve both as economic and political gateways to the rest of the world. Port to Port hopes to overlap similarities between international port cities, to establish a network of multi- and interdisciplinary practitioners. (Source: CentralTrak Artists Residency & Gallery)

Television Government (TVGOV) is an independent research group organized by Nicole Doran (US), Peter Fend (US), Guillermo Gomez (US), Agustina Woodgate (ARG) and Sofia Bastidas (EC). TVGOV aims to direct government towards preservation of territory as land and sea by proposing an economic shift from an income tax – which favors consumption and resource waste – to an Eco-Tax, which charges for any land, water, and air depletion. (Source: CentralTrak Artists Residency & Gallery)

Sofia Bastidas (Ecuador, 1987) is a curator and cultural producer who is interested in creating collaborative systems and networks to formulate a regenerative curatorial and historical research practice working with artists, scholars, and organizers. Bastidas received a BA in Art History from Florida International University, with a focus in Contemporary Art. In 2012, she founded Dwelling Projects, an itinerant residency program that generates partnerships with artists, institutions, and alternative spaces in Latin America and the Caribbean. Bastidas has curated and organized exhibitions at Spinello Projects (Miami), Bakehouse Art Complex (Miami), Dimensions Variable (Miami), Espacio 20/20 (Puerto Rico), The Girls’ Club Collection Annex Space (Fort Lauderdale), No Lugar (Ecuador), Institute of Culture of Puerto Rico, among others. In 2015, she was Cannonball’s local artist-in-residence and co-organized TVGOV, an independent research group that aims to direct government towards preservation of territory, as land and sea. Bastidas also developed Port to Port, a curatorial endeavor facilitating multi- and interdisciplinary practices, creating networks between global port cities.
Bastidas is currently living and working in Dallas, Texas completing a 10 month Curatorial Fellowship at Southern Methodist University. (Source: CentralTrak Artists Residency & Gallery)

The featured image includes Sofia Bastidas on the right. The image is provided courtesy of Andres Ramirez.

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