Collaborative Artwork HIVE by MFA students opens in FIU Project Room


On Friday, November 13th, a collaborative artwork called the HIVE will be on display at the FIU Art + Art History Project Room at Bakehouse Art Complex.

The following statement about the HIVE was written by Brittni Winkler, third-year Masters in Fine Arts: Curatorial Practice Track candidate and FIU Art + Art History Project Room coordinator:

HIVE is created by the second year Master of Fine Arts in Visual Arts students. It is defined as a swarming or teeming multitude because of the experimental and collaborative aspects that the piece combines. The process of creating the artwork incorporates innovative thinking about structure, content, movement, sound, and lighting.

Before the process of building the HIVE began,  the students were told that for their final Graduate Seminar class with Professor William Burke, they would be creating a piece as a collective. Each artist was asked to bring in found materials to the FIU Art + Art History Project Room in Bakehouse Art Complex as a team with third-year MFA: Curatorial Practice Track candidate Brittni Winkler. Several types of materials and techniques have been used thus far, including carpentry, painting, weaving, layering, cutting, and daily re-arranging of the HIVE. From now until the opening reception on November 13th, the HIVE will continue to grow in all directions and forms.

The student-artists participating in the HIVE are:

Mariele Capssa
Javi Cuarezma
Diana Garcia
Hazel Gil-Salazar
Victor Golden
Michael Gray
Roma James
Susan Maas
Guido Mena
Sterling Rook

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